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Datalink Pro (900M)

DATALINK PRO is a highly electro-magnetic interference resistant wireless datalink that supports the DJI A3, D-RTK and Ground Station. It features a number of interfaces and work modes enabling it to be tuned for the needs of different usage scenarios.

493,00 KM uklj. PDV

Three data transmission modes are supported: Dual Transmission, Broadcast and Ground Station.
In Dual Transmission mode, two-way data transmission is carried out between one base station and one mobile station.
In broadcast mode, data is simultaneously transmitted from one base station to a maximum of 32 mobile stations. In Ground Station mode, RTK data is sent from the base station to a maximum of five mobile stations, while control data is transmitted two-ways.

A range of ports are provided to allow for use with highly customized aircraft, including USB, CAN and UART. Ports can be individually selected by toggling a switch, and data is automatically transmitted from one port to another.

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