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power up 3.0 smart phone paperplane

  • POWERUP 3.0 Bluetooth Smart Module
  • Spare rudder
  • Spare propeller
  • 2 sheets printed templates for beginner pilots (Invader design)
  • 2 sheets printed templates for  for advanced pilots (Nakamura design)
  • Micro USB cable for charging
  • Mounting display and storage box
  • Multi lingual quick installation guide

119,00 KM 99,00 KM uklj. PDV

This is a super fun toy and is relatively easy to put together. Unfortunately, it looks us a little while to figure out how to fly it. In addition, the paper plane can get ripped relatively easy so have extras on hand. The powered propellor never gets damaged and is easy to pop the propeller back on if it hits the ground too hard. It’s a unique toy though. We had a ton of people (including adults) wanting to try to fly it. Great toy and lots of fun to play with!

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