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Rollei Actioncam Chestmount ProWear

  • Rubberized inside of the straps prevents slipping
  • Adjustable tilt angle of the actioncam or GoPro*
  • Incl. Safe Release System (SRS)
  • Incl. Safety Pad

129,00 KM uklj. PDV

No longer will one have to be laden with a hand-held recording device when capturing his or her latest adventure. Thanks to this “handy” GoPro* chest mount harness, activities such as surfing, swimming, diving and climbing can be enjoyed while the stability of the camera in question is never compromised. Boasting both stability and flexibility, this harness is a great addition to anyone’s recording gear.

Why the GoPro* Chest Mount Harness?

It should first be mentioned that not only will recording run smoothly in challenging situations, but the harness has a “Safe Release System”. In the event of a crash, a trip or a fall, the camera will be allowed to break away from its mount. This can help to prevent any damage from occurring. The straps themselves are rubberised. The wearer will be quite comfortable while their grip helps to prevent the apparatus from slipping during demanding activities such as jogging.

Hands-Free Control

The harness is designed to be fastened around the waist and the neck of the wearer. So, four points of contact are offered. Not only does this help to improve the levels of control, but the chest harness is very comfortable. The user will never be distracted while out and about. Keeping the needs of the outdoor enthusiast in mind, Rollei has used durable materials that are able resist the effects of salt water and corrosion. Such weather-resistant properties are an obvious necessity for those who are planning to use the harness and mount during extreme conditions.

Take a more in-depth look at the unique specifications of this product alongside the other quality items provided by the professionals at Rollei.

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