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Rollei Actioncam Extension M

  • Free formable extension for your actioncam moun (not incl)
  • For special perspectives, self-portraits or recordings at places that
  • are difficult to access, e.g. around corners.
  • Usable up to a length of max. 37 cm

65,00 KM uklj. PDV

There can be times when recording a certain activity can be tricky. What if one wishes to take a “selfie” while riding a motorcycle or climbing a mountain? Perhaps there is a desire to take a hands-free self-portrait that boasts a beautiful panoramic view. These are only two of the situations that can be addressed through the use of this GoPro camera extension. This medium-length version is lightweight and can be easily transported from place to place. As with all Rollei products, the materials are very durable. Years of use can be enjoyed.

A Flexible GoPro* Extension Mount

One massive benefit of this product is that it can be extended up to a length of 37 centimetres. It is therefore perfectly suited to be mounted on a helmet or a chest harness to capture extreme shots. Please note that the mounts themselves are not included with this package. Another advantage of this system is that as it contains a standard GoPro fitting, these cameras can likewise be accommodated alongside Rollei Actioncams. It is coloured bright orange, allowing the extension to be easily handled in low-light situations.

Push the Elements Aside

It is highly likely that the GoPro* extension mount will be used in some challenging environments. There is little concern here, for the unit is resistant to the elements. The wearer can expect full control during even the most challenging of situations. When units that are not equipped to handle the weather cannot be used, this Actioncam extension is the perfect alternative.

Like many other quality Rollei products, this device is equipped with a five-year replacement warranty in terms of any defects. Feel free to take advantage of such levels of hands-free control and purchase this unique device today!


Width 37 cm
Height 1.5 cm
Depth 2.1 cm
Weight 117 g

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