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Rollei Actioncam Extension S

  • Free formable extension for your actioncam moun (not incl)
  • For special perspectives, self-portraits or recordings at places that
  • are difficult to access, e.g. around corners.
  • Usable up to a length of max. 28 cm

65,00 KM uklj. PDV

There are several instances when recording a personal adventure can prove to be all but impossible. Perhaps one is taking part in a mountain bike race or negotiating a difficult cliff face. Or, a nature enthusiast could be hoping to achieve a hands-free shot when climbing a tree. These are only some common examples of the occasions that can be addressed through the use of this one-of-a-kind GoPro extension system.

A Unique GoPro* Extension

This free-form “arm” is able to be extended up to a total length of 28 centimetres. So, it is a great option when used in conjunction with other Rollei bike helmet mounts and accessories (please note that these are not included). As these extensions can be bent and adjusted as may be required, nearly impossible shots such as recording from around a corner have now become a reality.

Hands-Free Accuracy

Like many other Rollei systems, the stability and accuracy enjoyed with this unit cannot be overstated. Now it is possible to get action pictures of yourself taken even when no one else is around.

Reliable Construction

This GoPro extension is resistant to harsh conditions. Such an all-weather construction makes it the perfect choice for those who are mountain bike enthusiasts and indeed anyone that enjoys the allure of the great outdoors. These features backed up by an impressive five-year replacement guarantee.

So, please feel free to take advantage of the standalone benefits that this Actioncam extension set has to offer. Whether planning an upcoming holiday abroad or a hiking trip into the nearby mountains, the perfect recording platform is very literally only a few clicks away.


Width 28 cm
Height 1.5 cm
Depth 2.1 cm
Weight 80 g

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