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Rollei Actioncam Halterung Proflex Blue

  • Easy adjustable fast closing clamp, made of aluminum
  • Chucking diameter from 50 up to 140 mm
  • Designed for use in extreme conditions
  • For fast mounting on round, oval and angular profiles
  • Perfect fit and extremly high stability
  • Maximum load: up to 600 g
  • Incl. 2 additional extensions

216,00 KM uklj. PDV

The Rollei Actioncan Mount Proflex is a device that will suit numerous different recording needs. This arises from a unique fast-closing clamp that can fit around angular, oval or round shapes. Many will use this system when roller blading, skiing, running or snowboarding. This device is also able to safely hold up to 600 grams. So, users can rest assured that their Rollei Actioncam will remain firmly in place during even the most challenging of sports. As it can be mounted very quickly, preparing for a race or an adventure with a group of friends is accomplished in no time at all.

The Flexible Halterung GoPro*: Lightweight and Extreme

With the use of an included tool, the diameter of the mount can be adjusted between 50 and 140 millimetres. So, fitting one around an arm, a leg or a piece of nearby equipment is quick and simple. This product has been specifically engineered to be used in extreme conditions. It is weatherproof while resistant to the effects of salt water and corrosion. This robust nature also makes it able to accommodate high and low temperatures such as those which may be encountered in the tropics or in a winter environment.

One Size Indeed Fits All

The hallmark of the Proflex camera mounting system is its ability to accommodate unique objects with ease. So, the entire kit includes the mount, a tool to adjust the system and three additional tension belts (200 millimetres, 350 millimetres and 500 millimetres). There should never be any reason to sacrifice flexibility for a robust nature. This mounting platform has both.

If you have been searching for such a hands-free edge, you have indeed come to the right place. Be sure to examine this and the countless other products supplied through Rollei.


Height 4.3 cm
Weight 165 g

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