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Rollei Actioncam Helmetmount Motorrad Pro

  • Especially designed mount for motorbike helmets
  • Constructed for extreme use
  • Perfect hold and extremely high stability
  • Quick and easy mounting
  • Maximum load: 330 g
  • Dimensions: 490 x 85 x 25 mm, Weight: 152 g

109,00 KM uklj. PDV

Rollei Helmet Mount Motorbike Pro

Designed to be fitted to to a full face motorcycle helmet, this Rollei Helmet Mount Motorbike Pro is perfect for trail bikers who want a GoPro compatible mounting system to capture all of their moves on the go. Because the device is designed to be mounted on to a helmet without adhesives, it can be removed just as easily as it is fitted. This means that if you use your helmet for racing, when you want to have your camera fitted, and for being on the road, when you might not, the Rollei Helmet Mount Motorbike Pro offers you the ultimate in flexibility. Quick to both fit and take off, it will help you to capture shake-free images from your camera whether you happen to use it for videos or for taking photographs from a pre-set timer. The weatherproof mounting can be used in extreme conditions and is durable against salt water exposure and has anti-corrosive properties for a long life.

A GoPro* Motorcycle Helmet Mount for Cyclists?

Because the Rollei Helmet Mount Motorbike Pro is fitted to your helmet, rather than the bike, it is also equally at home on a full face helmet used by cyclists, particularly those favoured by BMX bikers, for instance. How you choose to use the mounting to help you create stunningly sharp and precise videos after you mount your camera to it is up to you. Either capturing images from a motorbike or when cycling, the system is cleverly designed to detach on impact which means that your camera cannot get caught against something as you move along, causing you to suffer a head injury. The mounting simply releases your camera at pre-determined breaking points for your protection. Why not give one a try out? After all, it is capable of being fitted to a variety of helmets so may be the only mounting you’ll ever need.



Width 49 cm
Height 8.5 cm
Depth 2.5 cm
Weight 152 g

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