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Rollei Actioncam Helmetmount Sport Pro

  • For mounting on sport helmets
  • Constructed for extreme use
  • Perfect hold and extremely high stability
  • Quick and easy mounting
  • Maximum load: 330 g
  • Dimensions: 390 x 85 x 25 mm, Weight: 147 g

109,00 KM uklj. PDV

Many situations require the use of a sports helmet to ensure the safety of the practitioner. From bicycling and skateboarding to rock climbing and sailing, these protective devices are essential accessories. Still, the ability to capture the most memorable moments should never be sacrificed. This is the primary reason why the GoPro helmet top mount created by Rollei can come in so very useful.

A Closer Look at the GoPro* Helment Top Mount

One aspect that should first be mentioned is that this mount is adapted to fit nearly any helmet currently on the market. Boasting firm and flexible straps alongside a secure mounting platform, it is perfectly suited to be used with quality Rollei Actioncams. Achieving a hands-free edge has indeed never been easier.

Rollei Quality

Durable levels of construction will ensure that even the most extreme sports will not place the camera or mounting system in jeopardy. Four firm and yet flexible straps secure the unit to the helmet. Vibrations and jarring movements are therefore of little concern. This GoPro helmet top mount is resistant to salt water and corrosive substances. So, it is perfectly capable of being used within even the harshest of outdoor environments.

An Adhesive-Free Alternative

Unlike some other sports helmet mounts, this mechanism is secured without adhesives. So, the wearer can be confident that the finish of his or her custom helmet will never be compromised. This also enables the accessory to be attached and removed with ease. In the event of a severe fall, the system has been designed with a quick-release mechanism. This helps to protect the attached camera.

Why not take a look at see what this unique camera mounting system has to offer? With Rollei quality, safely recording the outdoors is now quick and easy.


Width 39 cm
Height 8.5 cm
Depth 2.5 cm
Weight 147 g

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