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Rollei Actioncam Mount Basic

  • Camera mount for a flexible attachment
  • Max. load of 650 g
  • Incl. Safety Pads
  • Incl. Safe Release System (SRS)

43,00 KM uklj. PDV

Thanks to modern technology, active individuals are now able to record all of their most interesting excursions. Through the use of Rollei Actioncams and quality accessories such as this GoPro* mount, the user can be assured that superior levels of stability can be enjoyed. This mount is perfect for numerous situations such as:

• Bicycling
• Running
• Hiking
• Skydiving

Features of the GoPro* Mount

This flexible platform is able to support an impressive 650 grams. So, Rollei cameras and other devices will normally not present any issues. As there are both curved and flat attachment pads provided, it can be adhered to numerous surfaces (such as a surfboard or a bike helmet). The stickers are produced by 3M; they are built to last and designed with the needs of the rugged outdoors enthusiast in mind. The entire kit is comprised of the standard Actioncan mount, two screws, one flat pad and one curved pad.

A Safe and Secure Actioncam Mount

Many individuals are concerned that their camera may be damaged if an unexpected slip or fall occurs while recording. This has been addressed by a unique technology known as the Safe Release System (SRS). Should a crash happen to occur, the camera will separate from the mount. This helps to dramatically reduce the risk of an expensive piece of equipment being unintentionally damaged. Keep in mind that this Actioncam mount is constructed of durable materials while being resistant to both salt water and corrosion. It is therefore able to be used in most outdoor environments.

Feel free to take a closer look at this GoPro* mount as well as the countless other items provided by Rollei.


Width 7.5 cm
Height 2.3 cm
Depth 7 cm
Weight 29 g

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