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Rollei inLavMicro Plus Microphone

  • The Rollei InLavMicro+ is an omnidirectional condenser microphone. The high sensitivity microphone ensures excellent recording or sound quality. It is easy to attach to clothing thanks to the clip
  • The included windshield ensures a vastly improved sound quality by preventing unwanted and disturbing noises.

109,00 KM uklj. PDV

With stunningly low acoustic feedback, there can be no other lavalier microphone on the market today to match the Rollei InLavMicro+. This product is ideal for recording voice and background sounds in really tough conditions. Ideal for anyone who wants to record improved sound whilst shooting a first person video, for example, the little mic is easily and discreetly attached to clothing.

Offering no less than 40 hours’ worth of continuous operation, under standard usage conditions, the Rollei InLavMicro+ features an omnidirectional electret condenser microphone which will pick up on your voice no matter what you happen to be doing – cycling, driving or even rock climbing. The high level of sensitivity the lavalier microphone affords also ensures users can expect top notch standards of recording and sound quality every time the product is used. In addition, the complimentary windshield makes sure that unwanted noises from air movement are reduced and speech recording out of doors is vastly improved.

The Rollei InLavMicro+ Lavalier Microphone in Detail

With a frequency response of anywhere between 35Hz and 20 kHz, this superb mic captures all the tones that you might need for great sound quality. Weighing as little as 36 grams, the product has great sensitivity, too, ranging from -24 dB +/-3dB to 0dB. It comes with a convenient clip for attaching to clothing, a long lasting LR44 battery and miniature USB adapter. An LED indicator makes it child’s play to see when the microphone is in use and there is even a 2.8 metre long cable to connect it to the GoPro Hero 3, 3+ or 4. Try it out safe in the knowledge that is is supplied with:

  • A free 48 hour replacement service in Western Europe.
  • A free 72 hour replacement service elsewhere in the world.
  • 5-year warranty.
  • Hotline support.


Weight 36 g

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