DJI Ronin RS2 Pro Combo

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1,869.95 KM

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  • 4.5kg (10lbs) Tested Payload
  • Carbon Fiber Construction
  • 1.4” Full-Color Touchscreen
  • Professional Mounting Options
  • Efficient Balancing Between Payloads
  • Max 12hr Fast-Charge Batteries


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DJI RS 2 is here, and we want to tell you all about it! Find out everything you need to know about this professional gimbal stabilizer for DSLR and compact cinema cameras, what’s in the box, its features, and how you can benefit from adding this new DJI gimbal to your filmmaking arsenal.

What Is DJI RS 2?
DJI RS 2 is an advanced camera gimbal that stabilizes cameras for smooth, shake-free footage. Simply attach and balance your camera, then begin filming. DJI RS 2 integrates seamlessly with most cameras so you can access parameters and features directly on the device’s full-color touchscreen.

Carbon Fiber Construction
DJI RS 2 is the first camera gimbal of its kind to integrate monocoque carbon fiber. By doing so, DJI RS 2 remains a featherlight 1.3 kg and has a tested payload of 4.5kg, offering the highest weight-to-payload performance in its gimbal class so that you can film with a pro level setup all day.

Full-Color Touchscreen
To expand filmmakers’ abilities even further, DJI RS 2 has a 1.4-inch full-color touchscreen built right into the handle. This screen allows users to access gimbal and camera parameters, as well as get a live camera view for monitoring and using ActiveTrack 3.0.

Modular Design
DJI RS 2 is an excellent single-handed camera stabilizer, and with a modular design, it also mounts easily onto a vehicle, jib, slider, cable cam, and more. By outfitting its RSA ports as NATO mounts, DJI RS 2 is also compatible with a large variety of third-party accessories, letting users customize it in endless ways.

High-Capacity Battery
The BG30 Grip on RS2 offers up to 12 hours of power, and fast charging lets it go from 0-80% in just one hour. The battery also has its own USB-C port so that it can charge without requiring mounting onto DJI RS 2.

DJI RS 2 Filmmaking Features
For filmmakers of every level, DJI RS 2 is equipped with intelligent features and advanced systems that bring a cinematic touch to your camera footage.
Titan Stabilization Algorithm
DJI RS 2 offers the latest DJI camera gimbal technology. Titan offers a stabilization boost called SuperSmooth, delivering smooth footage even when a camera is using a 100mm zoom lens.
RavenEye Image Transmission System
For more dynamic control, DJI RS 2 introduces the RavenEye Image Transmission System, which transmits a 1080p live view from the camera to your phone from up to 100 meters away at a latency as low as 50 ms. RavenEye also allows for camera parameter control right from the Ronin app, giving you more freedom to move while you capture your shot.
ActiveTrack 3.0
Speaking of RavenEye, one more thing it does is make ActiveTrack 3.0 possible, delivering the camera live view straight to the DJI RS 2 touchscreen. This allows you to select your subject right from the handle, which means you no longer need to mount a smartphone on top of the camera.
3D Focus System
For a new era of camera lens focusing, DJI RS 2 introduces the 3D Focus, a revolutionary system that uses infrared beams to constantly measure distance between a lens and subject. Using this method, an accurate focus is dialed in almost instantly, giving pinpoint autofocus to even large-aperture manual lenses.

DJI RS 2 Intelligent Functions
Creativity is at the heart of filmmaking, which is why DJI RS 2 delivers with intelligent features that let your shot match your vision.
Time Tunnel
The ever-popular 3D Roll feature is back, and this time it comes in a new form that is sure to blow your audience’s mind. Time Tunnel takes 3D Roll and adds hyperlapse to create footage that is out of this world.
Force Mobile
With the Ronin app on your phone, all you need to do to control DJI RS 2 is move your phone. The gimbal follows every tilt and turn, letting you create an even more fluid shot.
One-Tap Portrait Mode
With professional quality becoming a new standard for social media content, DJI RS 2 is prepared to switch the camera to portrait mode right from the touchscreen or Ronin app.

Is the DJI RS 2 Pro Combo Worth It?
The DJI RS 2 Pro Combo includes some key accessories that will significantly boost your filmmaking experience. There are a few key accessories that will be cheaper in this combo than if you wait to purchase them separately later.
RavenEye Image Transmitter
As mentioned above, RavenEye gives DJI RS 2 the ability to send a 1080p live view to a smartphone from up to 100 m away. If you also plan to use ActiveTrack 3.0, remember that RavenEye is required.
Focus Motor, Focus Motor Rod Mount Kit, and Focus Gear Strip
These components make it possible to adjust the focus of the camera lens straight from the handle. When all these parts are installed, you can use the built-in front dial to control focus with a single hand, which is especially great for one-man crews.

Who Is DJI RS 2 Designed For?
Professional Cinematographers
With all its advanced features and direct control functions, DJI RS 2 is an excellent filmmaking tool for cinematographers who want to get the perfect shot. With camera parameters and focus within reach, professional users are given total control over the shot, especially if this involves working alone. By bringing their seasoned skills to the DJI RS 2 controls, cinematographers can achieve complex shots that typically take a team, and do it entirely on their own.
Film Studios
Studios of any size and budget can take advantage of everything DJI RS 2 offers, especially because it was designed to be a multi-scenario gimbal. DJI RS 2 excels as a handheld camera gimbal as well as a mounted gimbal platform so that you can use it in the traditional methods like a jib or vehicle mount. And better yet, the RSA/NATO port means compatibility with a vast range of accessories, which studios may already have.

DJI RS 2 Accessories
One of the things that make DJI RS 2 so powerful is the ecosystem of accessories that show that this camera stabilizer is a true professional workhorse. The RavenEye Image Transmission System sends a 1080 live camera view to your phone, offers remote control of camera parameters, and makes ActiveTrack 3.0 possible. The Twist Grip Dual Handle uses a unique pivot design so you can hold DJI RS 2 in many ways. The Vertical Mounting Plate sets the camera in portrait mode so you can create professional social media content. And the Expansion Base Kit allows for multiple mounting and remote control options, letting you operate DJI RS 2 in entirely new ways.
    Accessory Connections :
    • RSA/NATO ports
    • 1/4
    • Cold shoe mount
    • Video transmission/follow focus motor port (USB-C)
    • RSS camera control port (USB-C)
    • Follow focus motor port (USB-C)
    Battery :
    • Model : BG30-1950mAh-15.4V
    • Type : LiPo 4S
    • Capacity : 1950 mAh
    • Power : 30.03 Wh
    • Max. Battery Life : 12 h
    • Charging Time : 1.5 h (24W USB adapter using the QC 2.0 or PD protocol)
    • Suggested Charging Temperature : 5°C to 40°C
    Connections :
    • Bluetooth 5.0; USB-C
    Mobile Assistant Software Requirements :
    • iOS 11 or above
    • Android 7.0 or above
    Languages supported by the touchscreen :
    • English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, German, French, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Thai
    Working Performance
      Tested Payload :
      • 4.5 kg (10.0 lbs)
      Maximum Controlled Rotation Speed :
      • Pan : 360°/s
      • Tilt : 360°/s
      • Roll : 360°/s
      Mechanical Endpoint Range :
      • Pan axis control : 360° continuous rotation
      • Roll axis control : -95° to +240°
      • Tilt axis control : -112° to +214°
      Mechanical & Electrical Characteristics
        Operating Frequency :
        • 2.4000 GHz - 2.4835 GHz
        Transmission Power :
        • <8 dBm
        Operating Temperature :
        • -20° to 45° C (-4° to 113° F)
        Weight :
        • Gimbal : Approx. 960 g (2.12 lbs) (excluding the Quick-Release Plates and Camera Mounting Plate)
        • Camera Mounting Plate : Approx. 150 g (0.33 lbs)
        • BG30 Grip : Approx. 265 g (0.58 lbs)
        • Extended Grip/Tripod : Approx. 226 g (0.50 lbs)
        • Upper and Lower Quick-Release Plates : Approx. 105 g (0.23 lbs)
        Gimbal Dimensions :
        • Folded : 260×265×70 mm (excluding the BG30 grip)
        • Unfolded : 410×260×195 mm (including the BG30 grip, excluding the extended grip/tripod)