DJI Ronin RSC2 Single

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899.95 KM

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  • Lightweight & Compact
  • Greater Compatibility
  • Dynamic Stability
  • Unobstructed Roll Axis Arm


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Foldable, with Six Configurations

DJI RSC 2 introduces a foldable design to the DJI Ronin line for the first time. It offers six different configurations: upright, underslung, briefcase, flashlight, portrait, and storage. The configurations not only allow for more versatile shooting scenarios, but also keep the device more compact for easy storage and transportation.

3kg Max Payload
At an ultralight 1.2 kg, DJI RSC 2 is one of the most lightweight professional-level camera gimbals available. It’s also strong enough to handle max tested payloads of up to 3 kg. This allows users to mount bigger, more advanced and professional setups and lenses.
1-Inch OLED Screen
One of DJI RSC 2’s standout new features is a 1-inch OLED screen, which can be used to control functions and parameters of the device and mounted camera. With other gimbal devices, users often have to sync with an app to control parameters and functions on a mobile device. DJI RSC 2 eliminates this step, letting users focus more on getting the perfect shot.
Titan Stabilization Algorithm
DJI RSC 2 introduces the new Titan Stabilization Algorithm, which ensures smoother footage than ever before. There’s also an added stability option called SuperSmooth mode, which can compensate for even the smallest shakes and movements. This helps stabilize shots even when you are using zoom lenses.
Other DJI RSC 2 Features
ActiveTrack 3.0
DJI RSC 2 offers ActiveTrack 3.0, which is the most advanced tracking technology available on a DJI gimbal to date. ActiveTrack 3.0 gives you more sophisticated tracking, so you can track a fast-moving subject or a high-speed scene with ease.
Quick Switch to Vertical Shooting
DJI RSC 2 includes a new feature that allows users to instantly switch to portrait shooting for social media content and other creative applications.
Dual-Layer Camera Mounting Plate (Manfrotto + Arca)
The Manfrotto + Arca dual-layer camera mounting plate is compatible with most popular brands.
DJI RSC 2 features a timelapse mode that’s let you capture the passage of time effortlessly.
Roll 360
This DJI RSC 2 feature gives you the option to spin the camera for a special rolling shot.
DJI RSC 2 can also produce crystal-clear panoramas with next to no effort required.
14-Hour Battery Life
Camera gimbal users can now spend less time charging their device thanks to DJI RSC 2’s improved battery, which provides a 14-hour runtime and supports fast charging.

DJI RSC 2 vs DJI Pro Combo
DJI RSC 2 comes in two purchasing options: the DJI RSC 2 gimbal and the DJI RSC 2 Pro Combo. While the standalone version has everything you need to get started, the DJI RSC 2 Pro Combo offers some incredible extras to take your content to the next level.
For example, here are some key items featured in the Pro Combo that you won’t get with the standalone DJI RSC 2 purchase.
The RavenEye Image Transmission System allows live camera view and enables ActiveTrack 3.0, transmitting the camera live view directly through the DJI Ronin app. This system also enables remote control of the gimbal via Force Mobile.
Carrying Case
This redesigned lightweight carrying case, which carries DJI RSC 2 and accessories inside a portable, durable compartment.
Extended Grip/Tripod
This extended grip and tripod connects to the battery grip of Ronin series single-handed gimbals so that it is more comfortable to hold, and unfolds to stand the gimbal upright on a flat surface.
Phone Holder
Secures your smartphone for ActiveTrack 3.0, Force Mobile, or for monitoring. Equipped with a cold shoe port, NATO port, and 1/4″-20 tapped holes, the Phone Holder rotates between horizontal and vertical positions for convenient monitoring.
Focus Motor and Gear Strip
For a more advanced focusing experience with DJI RSC 2, the pro combo includes the Focus Motor, Focus Motor Rod Mount Kit, and Focus Gear Strip. The Ronin Focus Motor is used with the front dial to control the focus, iris, and zoom. The Ronin Focus Gear Strip is a required component for using the Ronin Focus Motor that allows the motor to turn the focusing ring of the lens. It is compatible with a wide range of lenses on the market, and its length can be adjusted to fit various lens diameters.

Who Is DJI RSC 2 For?
DJI RSC 2 is definitely capable of delivering professional, studio-quality results for industry pros. With its low cost and portability, it’s also the perfect option for amateur filmmakers and content creators. DJI RSC 2 offers countless creative features and functions that make it not only a camera stabilizer, but an entire filmmaking solution. If you want to compare DJI RSC 2 vs Ronin-S
    Accessory Connections :
    • 1/4” Mounting Hole, 3/8” Mounting Hole, Camera Control Port, Accessory Port, USB-C Port, RSA Port
    Intelligent Battery :
    • Model : RB2-2450mAh-7.2V
    • Type : 18650 LiPo
    • Capacity : 2450 mAh
    • Power : 17.64 Wh
    • Max. Battery Life : 11 h
    • Charging Time : 2.5 h (5 V/2 A)
    • Charging Temperature : 5° to 40°C (41° to 104°F)
    Connections :
    • Bluetooth 5.0; USB-C
    Mobile Assistant Software Requirements :
    • iOS 9 or above
    • Android 5.0 or above
    Working Performance
      Tested Payload :
      • ≤ 2.0 kg
      Angular Vibration Range :
      • ±0.02°
      Maximum Controlled Rotation Speed :
      • Pan axis control : 180°/s
      • Tilt axis control : 180°/s
      • Roll axis control : 180°/s
      Mechanical Endpoint Range :
      • Pan axis control : 360° continuous rotation
      • Tilt axis control : -202.5° to +112.5°
      • Roll axis control : -95° to +220
      Controlled Rotation Range :
      • Pan axis control : 360° continuous rotation
      • Tilt axis control : -90° to 145°
      • Roll axis control : ±30°
      Mechanical & Electrical Characteristics
        Working Current :
        • Static current: 0.2 A
        Working Frequency :
        • 2.400 GHz to 2.4835 GHz
        Transmission Power :
        • ≤ 8 dBm
        Operating Temperature :
        • -20° to 45°C (-4° to 113°F)
        Weight :
        • Gimbal : Approx. 830 g
        • BG18 Grip : Approx. 258 g
        • Tripod : Approx. 160 g
        Gimbal Dimensions :
        • Folded : 220×200×75 mm
        • Unfolded : 370×165×150 mm