Segway Ninebot KickScooter F65I

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1,799.00 KM

  • Range up to 65 km (40.4 miles)
  • Maximum speed up to 25 km/h (15.5 mph)
  • 10-inch pneumatic tyres with inner tube
  • Built-in front and rear indicators

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Get ready for new adventures with the F65I!

Commuting has never been this easy! The Ninebot KickScooter F65I will turn your daily commuting into a pleasing journey with its modern design, speed of 25km/h and unique features. Thanks to the extra-long range of up to 65km and its large pneumatic tyres, you can expand your route and move with comfort around the city. In addition to being functional, this model ensures your safety with its built-in indicators, while making you and your direction visible to others!

Keep calm and enjoy a ride up to 65km!
Keep calm and enjoy a ride up to 65km!Thanks to the upgraded battery capacity of 551Wh which you can recharge in up to 5 hours, your pleasure in riding around becomes even longer! You don’t need to worry about the battery anymore to join friends and family after your day at work, which offers you to extend your distance up to 65km. Moreover, the battery’s placement on the broader footboard (210 mm wide) increases stability, allowing you to enjoy simply moving around town.
Comfortable and durable ride with large pneumatic tyres
Comfortable and durable ride with large pneumatic tyresNo need to limit yourself to challenging roads, thanks to the 10-inch large pneumatic tyres (with inner tube), not only it brings you full comfort but also take shock absorption. In addition, the tyre consists of polymer lining and wear-resistant tread for heavy usage. Last but not least, the Ninebot F65I’s rear-wheel drive will ensure a stable driving experience, allowing you to explore around freely.
Powerful motor to whiz you through town!
Powerful motor to whiz you through town!The high-power motor will propel you forward with a maximum speed of up to 25km/h. Its environmentally friendly electric engine allows you to enjoy your daily commute without noise pollution. The nominal power of the motor (400W) is perfect for cruising around and if the hills challenge you, the maximum power output of 700W will help to climb them up to a 20% angle. Depending on your driving style or mood, you can shift between Eco, Standard, and Sport riding modes but also with the Walk mode if you are ever in a pedestrian area, the KickScooter F65 will have then a maximum speed of up to 3-5 km/h, specially made for this purpose.
Robust, easy folding and compact to store: F65I has it all!
Robust, easy folding and compact to store: F65I has it all!It is convenient to use as much as it is to store! Once you are done with your ride or need to take public transport in the meantime, you can easily fold your F65I in only 2 steps. The KickScooter has been designed to be compact, portable and very robust at the same time, thanks to its carbon triangle structural steel frame which can handle a maximum payload of 120 kg.
Lights, reflectors and new built-in indicators: everything for your safety!

Lights, reflectors and new built-in indicators: everything for your safety!

Light the way with a 2.1 W built-in-front non-dazzling LED light to illuminate the path ahead of you but also behind you with the rear/brake lights. The front, side and rear E-MARK reflectors provide you compliance and safe drive even when the light conditions are low. The F65I features are not only stylish but are also very high in three important values: brightness, visibility and safety. That is why we have integrated front and rear indicators so you will be able to indicate your direction to the people around you.

Regenerative Brake System and BMS

Regenerative Brake System and BMS

Did you know that your Ninebot F65I KickScooter captures the energy of your forward momentum and while braking? The innovative system enables vehicle’s kinetic energy to be transformed into electrical and recycled energy during braking: this way, no power goes to waste, while the Smart Battery Management System (BMS) closely monitors battery performance. Finally, F65I provides faster and safer braking thanks to its two independent regenerative brakes, the front drum brake and the electronic rear brake!

All necessary information on the LED Dashboard Display

All necessary information on the LED Dashboard Display

Riding on your KicKScooter and suddenly wondering how much battery is left or which riding mode you are using? In one glimpse, you can check all the necessary information on the coloured LED dashboard display. You can also check the driving speed, if the front light is on/off and so on. Moreover, the Bluetooth connectivity to the smart Segway-Ninebot mobile app allows you to see the range, and riding data or to activate the Walk mode if needed.

Ninebot KickScooter F65I Powered by Segway
Max. rider weight
  • 120 kg (265 lbs)
Minimum age
  • 14+ years
Net weight
  • 21.8 kg (48 lbs)
Product dimension - Folded
  • 1196 x 569 x 540 mm
Product dimension - Unfolded
  • 1196 x 569 x 1237 mm
  • Up to 25 km/h (15.5 mph)
  • Up to 65 km (40.4 miles)
Climbing angle
  • Up to 20%
Water resistance
  • IPX5
Shock absorption
  • No
Smart Battery Management System
  • Yes
Charging time
  • Approx. 5 hours
Battery capacity
  • 561 Wh
Power output
  • 400 W
Maximum Power
  • 700W
Wheel drive
  • Rear wheel
  • Electronic brake (back) and drum brake (front)
  • Front (2.1 W high power) and Rear LED lights
Ambient lights
  • No
Rear brake light
  • Yes (Flashing)
Integrated Indicators
  • Yes, front and rear
Tyres type
  • Tubeless pneumatic tyres (with inner tube)
Tyres size - Rear
  • 254 mm / 10 inch
Tyres size - Front
  • 254 mm / 10 inch
Riding modes
  • 3 riding modes (Eco, Drive, Sport); 1 Walk Mode
Folding mechanism
  • Easy folding (Require hands)
Info display
  • Full coloured info dashboard display
Information on LED Screen
  • Colour LED (speed, remaining power, modes, maintenance, bluetooth connection, left/right direction indicator)
Certified reflectors
  • Yes (front, rear and side E-MARK reflectors)
  • Press bell
Insurance Plate Holder
  • Yes
NFC technology (for un/lock)
  • No
Cruise Control
  • No
USB C port
  • No