Ninebot eKickScooter E2 Pro

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869.00 KM

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  • Up to 18% Easy Climbing
  • Max. Speed (25 km/h)
  • Range (40 km)
  • 2 brakes: front drum brake; rear electronic brake
  • Built in front and rear indicators for safe commuting
  • Anti-skid Traction Control System



15.5 mph max speed

15.5 mph Max. Speed

Theoretical Range 22 Miles

16.8 Miles Range at Max. Speed

Rear Wheel Drive with Max Power

Rear-wheel Drive with Max. Power of 750W

eighteen degree easy climbing

Up to 18% Easy Climbing

Anti Skid Traction Control

Anti-skid Traction Control System

Air Leakage Proof Tubeless Tires

10-inch Air-leakage-proof Tubeless Tires


2 brakes: front drum brake; rear electronic brake


Built in front and rear indicators for safe commuting

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Ninebot E2 ProEmpower Your Ride

The E2 Pro KickScooter is a high-performance ride that can take you up to 16.8 miles at a speed of 15.5 mph on just one charge, all thanks to its improved battery. This electric scooter features:

  • A smooth and stable ride on any road
  • An anti-skid traction control system
  • 10-inch air-leakage-proof tubeless tires
  • Rear-wheel drive and a powerful 750W motor so the E2 Pro can handle slopes up to 18%
  • A large LED dashboard so you can easily monitor your speed, battery level, and riding mode
  • Built-in front and rear indicators for a safer commuting experience
  • Compatibility with Apple Find My, making it easy to locate your scooter anywhere, at any time

15.5 mphTop Speed

16.8 milesRange at Max. Speed

TCSTraction Control System Anti-Skid

18 %Max Slope

Up to 18%Climbing Slope

16.8 Miles 15.5 mphRange at Max. Speed Max. Speed

Even going up long slopes is effortless with the 750W motor. You can enjoy your ride while the rear-wheel drive motor gets you where you’re going.

750 WMax Power Rear-Wheel Drive

Kickscooter E2 Pro Product Image

Clear and Simple to Use


The E2 Pro boasts a feature-packed handlebar, including a spacious 2.8-inch dashboard, a power and riding mode switch, and convenient direction indicator buttons.E2 Pro Kickscooter Product Image

KickScooter IconKickscooter E2 Pro Features

  1. Kickscooter E2 Pro Product ImagePuncture-Proof Tubeless DesignOur patented 10-inch, leak-proof, tubeless tires are made of an air-tight material layer. The result? Less time spent inflating your E2’s tires for more time on the go!
  2. Kickscooter E2 Pro Product ImageTraction Control System (TCS)TCS delivers rock-solid stability across all road conditions.
  3. Kickscooter E2 Pro Product ImageEfficient Dual Braking SystemFeaturing a front-drum brake and rear electronic braking system to boost traction and ensure safety.
  4. Kickscooter E2 Pro Product ImageSmarter BMS (Battery Management System)Experience worry-free riding, charging, and storage thanks to our cutting-edge 6-point battery protection system.
  5. Kickscooter E2 Pro Product ImageWater ResistantStay protected from water splashes with our IPX4 water-resistant KickScooter device and IPX6 waterproof battery pack.

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Specifications, details, and more helpful information to keep you moving

Max. Payload
  • 265 lbs (120 kg)
Recommended Age
  • 16+
Required Height
  • 4'5''–6'5'' (140–200 cm)
Max. Speed
  • Approx. 15.5 mph (25 km/h)
Theoretical Range
  • Approx. 24.9 miles (40 km)
Max. Slope[2]
  • Approx. 18%
Traversable Terrian
  • Mostly smooth roads or normal asphalt, tarmac roads
Operating Temperature
  • 14-104F (-10-40C)
Duration of Charging
  • Approx. 5.5 h
Nominal Voltage
  • 36 V
Max. Charging Voltage
  • 42 V
Charging Temperature
  • 32-113ºF (0-40C)
Battery Management System
  • Protection against overvoltage/undervoltage/short circuit/overcurrent/over temperature
Output Power
  • 70 W
Input Voltage
  • 100-240 V~ 50-60 Hz