Shark Skiller SGS4 Gaming Chair Fabric – Black

Plaćanje karticom

825.00 KM

PDV uračunat u cijenu

  • Težina: 24,8 kg
  • Maks. Kapacitet težine: 150 kg
  • Maks. Visina preporučenog korisnika: 200 cm
  • Konstrukcija okvira: Čelik



The SKILLER SGS40 is a gaming chair that impresses with its high-quality workmanship and which offers a variety of extras to make everyday gaming and office work more comfortable. The extra-large seat base and the gently sloping lumbar area of the backrest both provide enough room as well as comfortable sitting even after hours of use. Different adjustment options enable seating modifications according to personal needs and taste.

Victory through Comfort

The SKILLER SGS40 Fabric is upholstered with a breathable fabric cover and is thus a real eye-catcher in any gaming setup. Thanks to its soft material, the gaming chair is also extremely comfortable and is therefore perfect for longer gaming sessions. The chair’s sporty design not only rouses the pursuit of new records, but also serves as an excellent substitute for a race chair and brings a stylish and modern touch to every gaming room.

Convenience and Comfort for Gaming and Work

Thanks to various individually adjustable extras, the SKILLER SGS40 can be perfectly adapted to the needs of the user. The flexibly adjustable 4D armrests can be adjusted to the desired height and width with little effort. The backrest can be easily adjusted to an angle from 90° to 160° and can so enable relaxing breaks after long periods of play or work. The extra-large seat base and the lumbar area of the backrest allow comfortable sitting even after hours of use.

Robust and Stable

The robust steel frame construction of the SKILLER SGS40 offers gamers the stability they need for mastering any kind of situation, even when the gaming gets frantic. The 75 mm wheels have a lock function which, on the racetrack, gives hobby race car drivers the hold they need to step right down on the gas pedal. The solid class-4 gas lift piston gives the chair additional stability.

Relaxation Thanks to Tilt Function

The spring-assisted, multifunctional tilt can be set and locked at various angles from 0° to 14°. In addition, it supports the user’s natural urge to move and so helps to maintain composure during those nerve-wracking skirmishes.

Room for Maneuver for Every Kind of User

The gaming chair has a large seat base with a sitting area measuring 59.5 x 53 cm, a backrest with a height of 86 cm, and a load capacity of up to 150 kg. Thus, the SKILLER SGS40 literally offers plenty of room for maneuver, making it the perfect piece of gaming furniture for all kinds of users.

Vrsta pjene:
  • Pjena za oblikovanje kalupa visoke gustoće
Gustoća pjene:
  • 60 - 70 kg/m³
Konstrukcija okvira:
  • Čelik (prečnik: 22 mm)
Materijal presvlake sedišta:
  • PU
Verzije boja:
  • Crna, siva
Podesivi nasloni za ruke:
  • 4D
Veličina jastučića za ruke (D x Š):
  • 27 x 10 cm
  • Višenamjenski nagib
Zaključavanje nagiba:
Zaključavanje kuta nagiba:
Podesivi ugao nagiba:
  • 0 ° - 14 °
Klip za podizanje gasa:
  • Klasa-4
Stil naslona sjedišta:
  • Visoki bek
Podesivi zadnji ugao:
  • 90 ° - 160 °
Baza sa pet zvjezdica:
  • Baza s pet zvjezdica od aluminijske legure
Veličina točkova:
  • Točkovi 75 mm sa bravom
Potrebna montaža: