Ninebot KickScooter E2 Plus

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Plaćanje karticom

629.00 KM

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  • Max. Speed 15.5 mph
  • Up to 12% Easy Climbing
  • Theoretical Range 25 km (12.4 Miles at Max. Speed)
  • 8.1-inch Inner Hollow Tires Maintenance Free



Top Speed

Max. Speed 15.5 mph


Theoretical Range 15.5 Miles (12.4 Miles at Max. Speed)

Hollow Tires

8.1-inch Inner Hollow Tires Maintenance Free

Electronic Brakes

2 Brakes: Electronic Brake (Front) and Drum Brake (Rear)

15% Hill Grade

Up to 12% Easy Climbing

2.8 in LED Dashboard

2.8-inch LED Dashboard

Max Power 450W

Nominal Output of 300W Maximum Output of 500W

Water Resistant

Water-resistance: IPX4
(Battery IPX6)

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Ninebot Kickscooter E2 PlusRedefining Riding Dynamics

Experience the cutting-edge design of the E2 Series – it’s bold, modern, and uncompromising. The ultra-thin footboard and low center of gravity on this electric scooter deliver an exhilarating riding experience, while the front flared cockpit offers extra space and comfort on the handlebars. And with a high position for lighting, you’ll be riding in style and safety.

15.5 mphMax. Speed

2.8 inScreen Size

15.5 milesTheoretical Range
12.4 Miles
at Max. Speed

12 %Max Slope

Swift Speed and a Kaleidoscopic Ride

Light up the night with our 256 color-RGB ambient light feature! Watch as your scooter shines and glows with three dazzling light effects, all synced to the rhythm of your speed.E2 Plus Banner Image

KickScooter IconNinebot E2 Plus KickScooter Features

  1. Ninebot E2 Plus Product ImageEasy-to-Read 2.8 Inch ScreenThe E2 Plus features a super-sized dashboard design that makes it a breeze to see your speed and battery level while you ride. Plus, the ergonomic 25-degree screen tilt angle promises maximum comfort and accessibility.
  2. Ninebot E2 Plus Product ImageMaintenance-Free Inner Hollow TiresYou’re in for an unbeatable ride with the E2 Series and its game-changing 8.1-inch inner hollow tires! Say goodbye to punctures and maintenance headaches and hello to superior shock absorption for an epic riding experience.
  3. Ninebot E2 Plus Product ImagePowerful Motor to Ride FreelyThe E2 Plus 300W motor provides a powerful force to speed up, ride freely, and climb slopes up to 12%!
  4. Ninebot Kids S Product ImageDurable & DependableWith its automotive-grade SPFH590 steel frame design, the E2 Plus durability and brake resistance have greatly improved.
  5. Ninebot Kids S Product ImageWeather Resistant RidingThe IPX4 weather-resistant design accommodates a broader range of uses, letting you ride safely no matter the weather.
  6. Ninebot Kids S Product ImageSafety Redefined: The Dual Brake AdvantageYou’ll love the seamless and reliable braking system, thanks to the front electronic brake and rear mechanical drum brake controlled by a single lever.
  7. Ninebot Kids S Product ImageMulti-Point Protection for Secure RidingThe E2 Plus is all about boosting your visibility. With its powerful 2.1W front light illuminating up to 13.5 meters ahead and the rear brake light along with E-MARK-Certified reflectors, you’ll always stand out to avoid any potential collisions.
  8. Ninebot Kids S Product ImageSmart BMS to Safeguard Your BatterySegway-Ninebot’s Smart Battery Management System (BMS) is built with a 6-protection mechanism to keep your ride going strong for the long haul!
  9. Ninebot Kids S Product ImageTake Your E2 Plus AnywhereWith its lightweight, easy-folding design, it’s a snap to take your E2 electric kickscooter on elevators and public transportation, store it in your home or office, and stash it in your trunk.

Ready to Roam

Specifications, details, and more helpful information to keep you moving

Max. Payload
  • 198 lbs (90 kg)
Recommended Age
  • 14+
Required Height
  • 4'3''–6'2'' (130–190 cm)
Theoretical Range[1]
  • Approx. 15.5 miles (25 km)
Max. Speed
  • Approx. 15.5 mph (25 km/h)
Max. Slope
  • Approx. 12%
Operating Temperature
  • 14 to 104°F (-10 to 40°C)
Duration of Charging
  • Approx. 7.5 h
Nominal Voltage
  • 21.6 V
Max. Charging Voltage
  • 25.2 V
Charging Temperature
  • 32–111°F (0°C–44°C)
Nominal Energy
  • 220 Wh
Nominal Capacity
  • 10.2 Ah
  • 36.3 W
Input Voltage
  • 100-240 V~ 50-60 Hz
Max. Output Voltage
  • 25.2 V
  • 8.1-inch inner hollow shock-absorbing tires