Ezviz CS-DL01S/DL01CP/A3

Plaćanje karticom

655.90 KM

  • Pametna brava, KIT komplet za kontrolu prolaza
  • U kompletu dolaze vanjska tipkovnica CS-DL01CP, unutarnja brava DL01S i gateway CS-A3
  • Na vanjskoj tipkovnici ugrađeno zvonce, pristup pomoću lozinke i kartice
  • Uz tipkovnicu dolaze 2 kom AA baterije, podržava 50 različitih lozinki

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Add-on Multi-functional Keypad for EZVIZ Smart Lock DL01S

A keyless, flexible way to welcome you home

A perfect duo to upgrade your front door – inside and out

Want to level up your EZVIZ Smart Lock DL01S with extended flexibility and convenience? This multifunctional keypad fits your front door as a fine-looking accessory with smart features.

Opening a door can be this easy

Two more ways to unlock

If your phone’s battery dies or isn’t with you happenly, you can still open the door by entering a code or swiping a card.

Simple for everyone

For kids who don’t have their own smartphones or seniors who find it hard to read the small instructions on an app can also get in effortlessly.

When a friend drops by, they can ring the built-in doorbell to let you know. When they press the center button, a four-color LED indicator on the lock will flash and a pleasant tone will ring.

A pleasant ring, visually and audibly

You can also adjust the volume – even mute it completely if you prefer.

Easy to use but hard to tamper with

If the keypad is forcibly removed, it will immediately set off a piercing alarm.

Unlock more possibilities

The smart experience doesn’t stop here. If you wish you enjoy more useful features, you can link your door lock and keypad to an EZVIZ Home Gateway.

Keep track of door activities

With the help of the gateway, the lock will create an activity log on your EZVIZ app and send you notifications whenever someone opens your door.