Ezviz CS-T1C-A0-BG

Plaćanje karticom

105.90 KM

  • PIR senzor pokreta (mora biti uparen sa A3)
  • Preporučena visina ugradnje 1,8 do 2,5 m za montažu na zid
  • Kut gledanja 90° horizontalno, 90° vertikalno
  • Maksimalna udaljenost detekcije 7m
  • Baterija CR2450
  • Vijek trajanja baterije do 1 godine u načinu rada visokih performansi, do 2 godine u načinu rada za uštedu energije

Dostupno na upit



PIR Motion Sensor

Requires using with the EZVIZ Home Gateway A3¹

Know when there’s activity at home

Get notified immediately when someone sets foot in your room. EZVIZ’s new T1C motion sensor uses passive infrared (PIR) technology to detect human movement, and can send alerts right to your smartphone. The T1C Sensor connects to your EZVIZ Home Gateway, and is mini-sized to fit onto any wall or corner for an easy DIY security solution.

It goes anywhere to cover every corner

Install the PIR sensor anywhere you need protection and rotate it a full 360 degrees to find the best detection angle. You can also fine-tune its detection coverage using the pet shield to partially cover the sensor, so it only alerts about human activities, rather than every time your pet runs through the room.

Easy integration with your smart home

Connect your sensor to the Home Gateway and link it with your EZVIZ cameras² for enhanced protection – all via the EZVIZ App. If you use a local storage card or have subscribed to EZVIZ CloudPlay, the camera can begin auto-recording for 5 seconds whenever the sensor detects an activity³.

A product that you can set and forget

The peel-and-stick installation makes it easy for you to find the best setup for your home. The included battery in the sensor can provide up to 2 years of power when the energy-saving mode is enabled.

Anti-tamper alarm for added protection

For extra peace-of-mind, the sensor alerts you immediately when anyone forcibly removes its cover.

Expand your EZVIZ alarm system

The PIR sensor can be conveniently added to your EZVIZ alarm system for expanded protection. You will be notified of any detected activity, all through the EZVIZ App.

1 The gateway is not included in the purchase of the sensor. The sensor only works in conjunction with the EZVIZ Sensor Kit.

2 The T1C PIR sensor must first connect to the gateway to link with EZVIZ cameras. The sensor can only work with EZVIZ wired cameras that are launched with version 5.3.4 or later firmware. Please contact the EZVIZ support team to confirm camera compatibility.

3 The current version only allows the C6 Smart Camera to auto-track activities upon sensor detection. Other pan/tilt cameras will only record at its original fixed viewing angle when the sensor detects an activity. The sensor-triggered auto-tracking feature is under development and will likely to be available on most EZVIZ indoor PT cameras in 2022.

4 When the energy-saving mode is enabled, the sensor’s battery can last up to 2 years, based on a usage of 30 detections per day