Stolica SHARKOON Elbrus 3 Gaming  black/blue

Plaćanje karticom

689.00 KM

PDV uračunat u cijenu

  • Maksimalna visina preporučenog korisnika: 190 cm
  • Max težina: 150 kg
  • Konstrukcija: Čelik
  • Podesivi nagib: 3° - 18°



As solid as a rock: With its sturdy steel frame, the class-4 gas lift piston and the weighty five-star base made of aluminium, the ELBRUS 3 gaming chair guarantees absolute stability in the heat of the game. The extra soft padding on the backrest and seat base ensures hours of comfort and an all-round feeling of comfort. The tilt function, the wide-angle adjustable backrest as well as the memory foam cushions for the head and lumbar all provide additional relaxation. The gaming chair has been finished with a distinct design which, although clearly inspired by racing, will also fit into any office.

Especially Comfortable Padding

The ELBRUS 3 is furnished with a synthetic leather cover and a particularly soft padding which can adapt to the body shape of the user. This and the raised sides of the seat base create a feeling of surrounding comfort. The seat base is especially shaped so that maximum legroom is guaranteed, no matter how tense the gaming session gets.

Designed Entirely for the User

Whether the backrest or the seat height or the armrests, the ELBRUS 3 can be fully adjusted to the ergonomic needs of the user for a comfortable and relaxing sitting position. The armrests can be adjusted with little effort in three ways: for the desired length and height and also at a horizontal angle.

Adjustable Comfort Features

The backrest of the ELBRUS 3 can be locked at an angle from 90 ° to 160 ° for maximum comfort during extended breaks. An extra-large adjustment handle on one side allows the backrest to be conveniently adjusted with minimum effort. Those who prefer things to be more active can use the conventional tilt function, which provides a pleasant rocking motion. With another lever on the bottom of the seat base, this can be easily locked or unlocked.

Full Movement

The ELBRUS 3 is outfitted with 60 mm wheels, which are specially designed for interior floors and ensure full mobility on flat surfaces.

Certified to up to 150 Kg Weight Limit

The sturdy five-star base, the stable steel frame construction as well as the class-4 gas lift piston all provide the ELBRUS 3 with a high degree of stability. The gaming chair is designed for a maximum load of up to 150 kg and is ideal for users with a body height up to 190 cm.

Vrsta pjene:
  • Pjena za oblikovanje kalupa visoke gustoće
Gustina pjene:
  • 53 - 57 kg/m³
  • Čelik
Materijal za presvlake:
  • PU
  • Siva
Podesivi nasloni za ruke:
  • 3D
Veličina jastuka za naslon za ruke (Duzina x Sirina):
  • 25,5 x 9 cm
  • Konvencionalni nagib
Zakljucavanje nagiba:
Podesivi nagib:
  • 3° - 18°
Stil naslona:
  • Visoki naslon
Podesivi naslon:
  • 90° - 160°
Lumbarni jastuk i jastuk za glavu:
Materijal za pokrivanje naslona za glavu i lumbalni jastuk:
  • Fabrički
Baza s pet zvjezdica:
  • Aluminijska baza sa pet zvjezdica
Veličina točkića:
  • 60 mm
Veličina sjedišta (Dužina x Širina):
  • 40 x 51 cm
Maksimalna visina sjedenja:
  • 57 cm
Minimalna visina sjedenja:
  • 47 cm
Maksimalna visina naslona za ruku:
  • 34.5 cm
Minimalna visina naslona za ruku:
  • 27.5 cm
Visina naslona:
  • 86.5 cm
Veličina Paketa (Dužina x Širina x Visina):
  • 91 x 69 x 40 cm
Maksimalna visina preporučenog korisnika:
  • 190 cm
  • 22.5 kg
Max težina:
  • 150 kg