Wyze Cam v3 Pro 2K

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199.95 KM

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  • 2.5K Video with Color Night Vision
  • Built-in Spotlight and Integrated Siren
  • Faster Detections with Edge AI.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Weather Rated IP65
  • Smart Focus
  • Two Way Audio



  • 2.5K Video with Color Night VisionSee details even at night
  • Built-in Spotlight and Integrated Siren5000K, 70 lumen
  • Faster Detections with Edge AI.Free person detection
  • Indoor/Outdoor Weather Rated IP65Mount this anywhere
v3 pro cam on a city wall

Meet the v3 Pro.

Everything you love about Wyze Cam.

Now with better AI, better night vision, and better resolution.Load video: Meet the new Wyze Cam v3 Pro

Motion-activated spotlight.

Don’t just detect, deter. Wyze Cam v3 Pro’s integrated 80 lumen spotlight gives you more detail and lets trespassers know they’re being recorded.

Plus an 89 decibel, built-in, user-activated siren for when you need to raise the alarm.

Our most popular camera. Reimagined.

exploded breakdown of the new v3 Pro's internal features and improvements
comparing the new 2K resolution to 1080p


Crisp, clear 2.5K resolution.

See what you need to see and read what you need to read, from faces to license plate numbers.

cam v3's Edge AI makes faster detections because it doesn't rely on the cloud.


Faster detections with Edge AI.

Edge AI detection doesn’t rely on the cloud to do its thinking. It can process person detections locally.

For Wyze Cam v3 Pro, that means free, near-instant person detection, right when you need it, with no subscription required.

An all-new cam, with a brand-new app experience.

the new live view

Our redesigned user interface.

Get more from the Wyze app than ever before.All-New Live View

Handy tools at your fingertips, from spotlight and siren controls to the new Smart Focus feature and simplified event review.Playback ReimaginedCustomized Detection Zones

And introducing, Smart Focus.

v3 Pro sees better
v3 Pro looks better
Inserting an SD card for 24/7 recording

Insert a microSD card for 24/7 recording.

Capture and view up to 15 days (in full 2K resolution) with a 128 GB microSD card (sold separately).

v3 Pro with an SD card captures candid life moments

Moments. Captured.

More than a security camera, inserting a microSD card turns your Wyze Cam v3 Pro into a 24/7 video diary of candid moments and everyday life.

v3 pro all wet for IP65 weather resistance

Indoor/Outdoor Weather Resistance.

Wyze Cam v3 Pro is IP65 rated for all-weather, year-round, indoor and outdoor security (with a Wyze Outdoor Power Adapter – Pick one up here).

two way audio allows you to speak to anyone in front of the camera

Two-way audio.

Talk, interact, and let people know you see them, whether you’re confronting a stranger, or checking in on a loved one.

compatible with Alexa and Google home assistants

Works with Alexa and Google Assistant.

A great way to livestream baby or pet cams, 24/7. Plus, receive alerts, use voice commands to check and manage your livestreams, or create schedules and automations in the Wyze app.