Blackmagic Design Fusion Studio MultiPack 10

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  • Integrated 2D and 3D compositing an animation environment
  • Resolution independent with support for images over 32K x 32K
  • Mix and match footage of different resolutions, field orders, aspect ratios and formats within a single project
  • Footage of different color depths can be processed in their native color depth within a single flow graph
  • Responsive UI with interactive, real-time rendering
  • Render to multiple formats and resolutions in a single pass, with multiple saver nodes at any position in the flow process
  • Seamlessly blend floating point, 64-bit and 32-bit images without concern
  • Two-level proxy system for fast interactive response
  • Open and work with multiple comps at once
  • View and edit your project in frames, timecode or feet+frames modes
  • Dostupno u roku 15-20 radnih dana
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Blackmagic Design Fusion Studio MultiPack 10

The Fusion Studio MultiPack from Blackmagic Design features a network license for ten users and Fusion Server software for managing floating licenses for up to ten Fusion Studio clients at a time on your Ethernet network. Fusion is an advanced compositing software for visual effects artists, broadcast and motion graphic designers, and 3D animators. Fusion features an easy and powerful node based interface so you can construct complex effects simply by connecting various types of processing together.

Fusion uses nodes which are small icons that represent effects, filters and other processing which can be connected together to easily build up larger and more complex visual effects. Because nodes are easy to see and connect together, you can combine tools, images, and objects in any order to create unlimited visual effects. Nodes make it easy to adjust any single part of your project simply by clicking on the node and making an adjustment. That’s faster than a timeline based tool such as an NLE.

With Fusion’s GPU acceleration, you get instant feedback while you work so you can see exactly what you’re doing. Whether you’re working alone or with a client, Fusion gives you the real-time control you need so you spend less time waiting. For allowing you to work with a large team, Fusion Studio includes Generation, multi-user management software.

Generation is a collaboration tool that helps you manage and track versions of every shot in your studio. You can assign tasks to artists, make notes, and see each team member’s workload to help balance the work and finish projects faster. Fusion Studio also features a bin server to let everyone share and see common assets that are needed for the job. That means you don’t have to copy and track multiple elements on different computers.

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