Ezviz CS-T30-10B-EU

Plaćanje karticom

46.90 KM

  • Smart Wi-Fi utičnica
  • Dodatne funkcije: daljinska kontrola, vremenski prekidač, odbrojavanje, statistika
  • Pokretanje: 30 sek
  • Podržava 2.4 GHz WiFi
  • Upravljanje sa aplikacijom i glasom (Google Assistant i Alexa)
  • Otpornost na požar do 750°C
  • Napajanje/snaga: 220 - 240VAC/ 2300 W

Dostupno na upit



Smart Plug


Control appliances from anywhere.

This space-saving Smart Plug gives you remote control of your lights, fans, computer equipment, security cameras, and more!

Track the real-time power usage.

We thought you might want to know how much your appliance is costing you to run. The T30-10B-EU Smart Plug presents detailed reports of the power consumption of connected devices so that you can keep your electricity bills low.

Customize schedules and timers.

Make life a little easier by scheduling devices to turn on and off at just the right time. No more worrying about whether you left something on at home – – now you can check on it remotely using your mobile device.

Works with voice assistants.

Hands-full? No problem. Ask Google Home or Amazon Echo to turn on or off a connected device for you.

*This function is only available in some countries. Please check before purchasing.

Turn indicator on or off as needed.

Do any of your devices have exceedingly bright LED lights, keeping you up at night? the T30 Smart Plug won’t give you that problem! Use the EZVIZ App to turn off the indicator light for a good night’s sleep.

A plug that remembers.

Fear no disruption caused by power outages or Internet disconnection! The T30 smart plug is smart enough to resume your preset schedules when the power and connection are restored.

Compact and out-of-the-way.

The T30 Smart Plug is designed to make your home smart, not complicated. Compact and lightweight, these plugs were designed so that adjacent sockets would not be blocked.

Safe to use.

Made from flame-resistant materials, the T30 Smart Plug is able to protect your appliances from unwanted accidents.