PolarPro – DJI Spark – Filter 3-Pack

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  • Optical Filters designed specifically for the DJI Spark (will pass through start-up)
  • Includes PolarPro Optical PL (fixed), ND8, ND16 filters, and filter hard-case for filming in a variety of lighting conditions
  • Linear polarizer (PL) reduces glare and increases color saturation, without having to rotate it each flight
  • Neutral Density Filters (ND8, ND16) help reduce shutter speed to capture smooth cinematic videos



The PolarPro DJI Spark filters use an optical grade glass delivering razor sharp clarity. The aluminum frame construction is durable, yet lightweight enough to be compatible with the DJI Spark gimbal. These Spark Filters will help reduce glare to increase color saturaion, or reduce shutter speed enabling you to capture smooth cinematic video. 

DJI Spark Fixed Polarizer Filter

Included in this Filter 3-Pack is the PolarPro DJI Spark Polarizer Filter. This Polarizer is fixed at a linear setting which covers the broadest angles of reflection. This design makes it easier to use than traditional polarizer filters which require calibration. This Polarizer will help reduce glare and enhance color saturation. The filter is constructed out of PolarPro’s Optical grade glass for razor sharp clarity. 

DJI Spark Neutral Density Filter

The PolarPro DJI Spark ND Filters included in this set are the ND8 and the ND16 filters. The ND8 filter reduces 3-stops of light and is best suited for filming on partly cloudy days. The ND16 filter reduces 4-stops of light which is perfect for sunny days. Each filter is designed to reduce shutter speed which allows each frame to blend together creating a smooth cinematic result. Each ND filter is constructed out of PolarPro’s Optical grade glass for razor sharp clarity.