Ezviz CS-A3-A0-W

Plaćanje karticom

251.90 KM

  • Kućni gateway
  • Podržava pristup pametnim kućnim uređajima kao što su EZVIZ senzori i pametne brave
  • Za napajanje koristi Micro USB, DC 5V / 1A
  • Potrošnja energije Maks.3W
  • Podržava 2.4 GHz WiFi

Dostupno na upit



Home Gateway

Currently integrates with: T1C PIR Sensor, T2C Open/Close Sensor, T3C Smart Button

A hub for your connected and protected home

The A3 Home Gateway works seamlessly with your EZVIZ devices to put a smart, safe home at your fingertips. The A3 makes your sensor system interoperable, empowering ever wider possibilities for home security.

A bridge to connect and interact

Living smart means you can check or get notifications about home activities, anytime, anywhere. The A3 Gateway is the central brain to your EZVIZ sensors, so you have everything in control in the palm of your hand

Easy to set up, easy to use

Small in size, the A3 can go virtually anywhere – coffee tables, nightstands, bookshelves, or any other convenient spot. Connect it using an internet cable or through your home Wi-Fi, and enjoy steady performance with confidence.

Choose the alert sound that fits

Want to choose your own alerts instead of hearing a panic-inducing, ear-piercing siren? The A3 can help. 20 sound options are available to choose from. Customize the alert sounds using your EZVIZ App. Finally – a ring that suits your home’s atmosphere.

Smart integration for a scalable system

With the A3, you can expand your security system to add up to 64 compatible devices¹ . The connected sensor can also link to your EZVIZ cameras for enhanced protection. By using a microSD card or subscribing to EZVIZ CloudPlay, you can set the linked camera to begin auto-recording for 5 seconds whenever the sensor detects any activity²

1 The A3 Gateway can connect up to 32 battery-powered EZVIZ devices, or up to 64 devices if wired EZVIZ devices are added. More compatible products will be launched in the near future. Please verify product compatibility before purchasing.

2 The current version only allows the C6 Smart Camera to auto-track activities upon sensor detection. Other pan/tilt cameras will only record at its original fixed viewing angle when the sensor detects activity. The sensor-triggered auto-tracking feature is under development and will likely be available on most EZVIZ indoor PT cameras in 2022.